Personal data
Claudio Sebastián Quilodrán Venegas

2016 Ph.D. in Biological Science, with Dr. Mathias Currat and Dr. Juan Montoya-Burgos. University of Geneva. Switzerland.
2010 MSc. in Biological Science, mention in Ecology and Evolution, with Dr. Rodrigo Vásquez and Dr. Cristián Estades. University of Chile.
2008 Engineer in Renewable Natural Resources, with Dr. Juan Armesto. University of Chile.

Teaching experience
2018 University of Oxford. Department of Zoology. United Kingdom. Teaching assistance in: Quantitive Methods (Dr. Tim Coulson)
2012-2016 University of Geneva. Faculty of Science. Switzerland. Teaching assistance in: computer skills for biological research (Dr. Mathias Currat), molecular population genetics (Dr. Alicia Sánchez-Mazas), phylogeny and molecular evolution (Dr. Juan Montoya-Burgos), informatics for Biologists (Dr. Jean-Luc Falcone), research methodology in biology (Dr. Alicia Sánchez-Mazas).
2004-2010 University of Chile. Faculty of Agronomic Sciences. Teaching assistant in: applied ecology (Dr. Jorge Pérez), general ecology (Dr. Jorge Pérez), general zoology (Dr. Alberto Carvacho), cartography and GIS (Andrés Fuente).
2009 Mayor University. Faculty of Veterinary. Chile. Invited teacher of Statistics.

Grants and Rewards
2016 University of Geneva. Reward. My Thesis in 180 Seconds. 2nd Jury Prize and 1st People's Choice Award.
2019 Swiss National Science Foundation. Grant. Postdoctoral scholarship at the University of Oxford
2016 Swiss National Science Foundation. Grant. Postdoctoral scholarship at the University of Oxford
2013-2015 Institute of Genetics and Genomics of Geneva (IGE3). Grant. PhD studies scholarship at the University of Geneva.
2011-2014 Center for Advanced Modeling Science (CADMOS). Grant. PhD studies scholarship at the University of Geneva.
2011-2014 CONICYT - Becas Chile. National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research. Ministry of Education (Chile). Grant. PhD studies scholarship at the University of Geneva.
2010 University of Chile. Grant. Internship at the University Pierre & Marie Curie and Natural History Museum, Paris, France.
2008-2009 Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB) - University of Chile. Grant. Degree of Master with a monthly wage.
2002-2006 Ministry of Education (Chile). Grant. Engineering Studies at the University of Chile

2017-Present Postdoctoral researcher, with Dr. Tim Coulson. Department of Zoology. University of Oxford, UK
2011-2016 Assistant researcher. Department of Genetics and Evolution. University of Geneva, Switzerland
2010 Internship in modeling ecology. Department of Conservation Biology, Museum of Natural History / UPMC, Paris, France.
2010 Environmental Impact Assessment. AT&C Environmental Study Centre, Chile
2008-2009 Assistant researcher. Terrestrial Ecology Laboratory, Faculty of Science, University of Chile.
2007 Professional Internship on Chiloé Island. Assistance for the PhD thesis of Marcela Bustamante-Sánchez, entitled: "Patterns of early succession in forests of Chiloé". Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
2007 Development of the CORFO Project: "Creation of the first Regional Nature Park in Central Chile". Integration of social, economic and environmental factors for biodiversity conservation. Study Centre, Chile-Ambiente.
2006 Professional Internship on Chiloé Island. Fauna Census and First Inventory in the Tantauco Park, Environmental Study Centre, Chile-Ambiente.
Reviewer for
Journal of Forestry Research, Conservation Genetics Resources, Animal Conservation, Ardea, Amphibia-Reptilia, Evolutionary Ecology, Evolutionary Applications, Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Spanish, French and English